Professional Licensing Litigation

As all other states, Pennsylvania enacts and enforces standards for the licensing of professionals. There are 27 professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions in the Commonwealth. Doctors, pharmacists, accountants, attorneys, real estate professionals, and others must meet certain standards to maintain their certification.
For those whose livelihood depends on their license, disputes over standards and practices require immediate attention and response. Sometimes, these cases are resolved with negotiated settlements. Often, however, the matter is the subject of an administrative proceeding, with a trial held before an administrative law judge.
Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys represent professionals in licensing disputes before the Pennsylvania Department of State. We bring to this practice 60 years of experience in general civil litigation. This includes the perspective and skill needed to negotiate settlement, when the interests of the licensed professional can be accommodated to the requirements of the Commonwealth. If the dispute is not settled, the licensed professional is best served by experienced trial counsel, who can skillfully probe the Commonwealth’s claims and allegations.
Success in a licensing dispute depends very much upon an attorney’s ability to hold the Commonwealth to its evidentiary requirements and burdens. Our attorneys possess the experience and flexibility needed to represent the licensed professional at all stages, from a simple inquiry to a complex administrative proceeding.