Municipal Law

Government in America is mostly a local enterprise. Improvements, public works, infrastructure, access, easements and the like are debated and decided in small public forums, generally described in Pennsylvania as "municipalities." Robb Leonard Mulvihill represents those appearing before municipalities to propose, to debate, and to bid on local projects. We also have been retained by municipalities, to represent the public interest when such projects are contemplated.
We are proficient in the legal developments that affect municipalities, for instance the changes in zoning and eminent domain law arising from the Supreme Court's decision in Kelso v. New London. Our attorneys were integrally involved in the zoning and public policy debates during the telecommunications boom in the 1990s, when cell towers began to appear in the towns and hamlets of Pennsylvania. We remain involved, as features of technology and the new economy literally change the landscape.
We are ready to assist our clients with any question - recognizing that in the vast and sprawling field of municipal law, any question is fair game. The answers, we have learned, are in the wide intersection where enterprise meets the common good, a place where the skilled municipal attorney plies his trade.