Fidelity and Surety Law

Lending institutions, corporations, partnerships and limited partnerships facing the crippling possibility of theft and similar calamity often cover their risk by purchasing fidelity and surety insurance. The bonds, policies, and riders that provide fidelity and surety coverage are unique and technical legal instruments that become relevant when coverage is an issue. Even more relevant, though, are the facts that attend each loss. Because these cases often involve sophisticated deception, perhaps more so than any other area of civil litigation, each case is different.
Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys who practice in the area of fidelity and surety law understand the technical nuances of the legal instruments that delineate coverage. In addition, our attorneys - all of whom cut their teeth in broad range civil litigation - are capable of navigating the intricate fact patterns that come with any sophisticated deception.
In the last twenty years, our attorneys have been involved in some of the more notable fidelity and surety law claims that have been made in Western Pennsylvania. We have provided advice on coverage issues, and have pieced together the clues and the documentary records that illuminate the underlying claims.