Errors and Omissions


In the present competitive environment, businesses cannot always rely on tried and tested methods. More and more, market demands require the hiring of consultants and other professionals who provide advice and design solutions. This extends to the various products that are made available to businesses, such as software, where the specialized work of others is implemented into day-to-day operations. With this new way of doing business has come a new form of risk: Lawsuits where the work or advice of specialists is placed at issue. Insurance companies provide errors and omissions insurance to corporations seeking to cover such risk.
Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys have been retained by some of the world’s largest insurers to provide defense under Errors and Omissions (E&O) policies. Representing corporations and their principals under E&O policies requires, as a rule, exceptional attorneys who are willing to make the extra effort to master the unique issues that arise when the consequences of business solutions are litigated. Our clients in these cases are generally highly accomplished business persons who demand attorneys with proven credentials and experience.
It is a rewarding professional challenge to represent the sophisticated and demanding insured in this highly specialized field. We are ready to assist with any questions or disputes that arise under E&O policies.