Directors and Officers


The very concept of “risk taking” assumes that not every business endeavor is successful. But unsuccessful business initiatives should generally not be turned into litigation. Most jurisdictions have adopted rules, policies, and procedures to protect corporate officers and directors against misguided allegations when results do not match planning.
Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys are often called upon to defend corporate officers and directors in lawsuits. We have been retained by officers individually, and also through duty to defend provisions of Directors’ and Officers’ and General Liability insurance policies.
The incidence of directors and officers litigation tends to ebb and flow, often tracking conditions and events in the economy. For that reason, we keep informed and up-to-date on legal developments and legislation meant to address corporate responsibility. We have attentively monitored judicial opinions and commentary under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, as that relatively new federal legislation has wound its way through the courts.
Directors’ and officers’ litigation, though a specialized field, is similar to other litigation in one important respect: Litigants are best served by skilled and experienced attorneys. We stand ready to assist directors, officers, and their insurers when business decisions and planning – and their unintended consequences – are the subject of lawsuits.